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Jewels Muller Powerful Female Entrepreneur Interview

Jewels Muller is the founder of Chicks Connect which is a Global Membership for woman where they connect, get into action, and hold one another accountable for professional and personal growth and development all built on a foundation of love, fun, friendship, service and support.

Transcript of this Interview:


Jack:  So today I’m interviewing Jewels Muller and she is the chief chick at Chick’s Connect and she is all about empowering women to be strong entrepreneurs. Welcome to the show.

Jewels:  Thank you so much Jack. It’s exciting to be here.

Jack:  So, I want to get in all is about Chick’s Connect and everything because I think it’s really positive for women and I love entrepreneurialism and I think what you’re doing is great. But what I really like to start with is kind of at the beginning like what got you into even your first experience at being an entrepreneur?

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The Most Important Thing

Jack VoorheisNothing is more important than to follow your dreams.


Because life is a gift to be honored.

The way to honor it is to live to the best of our abilities. What does that mean? To me, it means to use and not waste the gifts and talents that I came in to this world with. By sharpening and sharing these gifts, I give the respect to this amazing present offered to me.

The fact is that we will all be dead soon and what ever happens at that point, we will be moving on. Every day is to be loved in the same way we love our children, our spouses and, yes ourselves.

George Carlin said “teach your children to question everything“. Many go blindly into an autopilot existence.  It is not the way to honor the gift. This way also leads to unhappiness which is then often followed by ways of distraction. Drugs, alcohol, antidepressants, Smoking, Excessive TV watching, gambling, etc….

When developing the self respect to go our own way, our truth, or even allowing ourselves to look for truth, we are rewarded and the world becomes a better place.

What if this hunger inside of you was not a curse? What if the voice inside of you was allowed to yell WAKE THE HELL UP?

Dreading Your Day?

I used to dread the day. It was just enough to get through it.I would stay up late, not wanting tomorrow to come. It was all such a struggle. I must admit, I spent much of my life in this configuration.

I am happy to say life has changed for me. An inner peace that knows today is a gift for me. I wake happy excited, peaceful and grateful.It still has its share of ups and downs, as it should. Life has a rhythm and flow. Someone will be born today and someone will die. The tide comes in and goes out. We breathe it in and let it go.

When I first started riding motorcycles, I would fight the wind as it would try to blow me around on the road. When I learned to stop fighting and allow the wind the to blow me around a bit, as long as I stayed in my lane, it became far easier.

Why did I spend so many years fighting? I don’t think I knew I was fighting. Anyway it is of little concern as the past no longer exist right now and I choose to not spend time dwelling on the past.

If I did I just might miss the gifts unfolding in the now.


Are You a Coward?

Many are living fear based lifestyles. Ask yourself, are you living to survive or to thrive?

I see people wrapped in the comfort of their own discomfort. Easy to do what we have always done, yet insane to think we will harvest different results.

Then when people try to break free and follow their inspiration, they are ridiculed by others afraid to live their dreams and follow their hearts. Others become thretened when they see people breaking free. It makes them question themselves.

I myself have felt the withdraw of people in my life as I have experienced person/spiritual growth. At times it has been quite puzzling, as I am a champion for the good in people. Nothing turns me on more than seeing others living their best lives.

Yet, we must love everyone where that are at today.



Change the words “I want” to “I am”

Change the words “I want” to “I am” and watch the magic happen. Instead of “I want to” to “I am in the process of” will accelerate your desires. Create your life by design. Be in the now and let other stay in their somedays.

Goals or Visions?

I Replace Goals with Visions. Goals can be limiting, often set to low. When I set Goals in the past, I would often find Disappointment after I achieved them. Visions are much Stronger! They are Vast and Flexible. Like the Tree that Blends and does not Break. Very Powerful!!

What are you about?

What are you about? Are you doing something amazing? Are you doing something that inspires you? Are you living your best life? If not, why not? If not now, then when? We all have the ability. Believe in yourself. You have everything you need. All the gifts and tools have been provided.

Life is a now business.

Help For Entrepreneurs

My passion is helping you the entrepreneurs develop “the Perfect Business Formula” that creates the perfect lifestyle you desire. Experience has shown that how you get there is how you stay there and what you don’t do is just as important as what you do.