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With a big heart filled with warmth, sincerity and entrepreneurship, Jack Voorheis’ natural desire is empowering people to rise up in their lives. He has always had a soft spot for the underdog. Much of this comes from his unique childhood split equally between a nice neighborhood in Michigan and hippie communes in New Mexico, where he was raised as an only child by a single mom.

Those New Mexico communes were often in very remote areas — one of those homes literally had a dirt floor and no running water. Growing up in this environment with bouts of isolation and self-raising, Jack learned to experience really deep gratitude for the simplest blessings. His unconventional upbringing helped him nurture true compassion for all walks of life that make up humanity.

Jack’s wide-ranging childhood also included the presence of his grandfather, a successful entrepreneur who built a wildly successful company during the Depression, a company that still thrives today. So it came as no surprise when Jack’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited at the early age of 16, enabling him to solve a pressing problem for a new business. The amount he was paid for those two hours of work would have taken him two weeks to earn at his regular job. This defining moment marked the birth of his brilliant business knowledge base when he realized that profits are better than wages. Ever since, Jack has been highly successfully in his own businesses and in consulting with others to increase their profitability. He has a proven track record of value-oriented results for all his business endeavors.

Jack’s instincts to solve other people’s dilemmas eventually led him into his own recovery in his early thirties. He found the beauty of what a 12-step program could provide in his internal resolve to live life on life’s terms. As a result, he got on course with a sober perspective and stayed on that path, now celebrating over 24 years in recovery.

A life rich in such personal and business experiences is a core factor to why he can lend such an expert, heartfelt level of help in so many areas of other people’s lives.
Jack desires to facilitate others in making their lives fun, easy and prosperous by leveraging their efforts. He is a true believer of the importance of leverage in every aspect of realizing our freedom and abundance. His passion to inspire and teach others how to better apply their skills and increase their earning potential is the driving momentum behind his continuous business success.