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Jack VoorheisNothing is more important than to follow your dreams.


Because life is a gift to be honored.

The way to honor it is to live to the best of our abilities. What does that mean? To me, it means to use and not waste the gifts and talents that I came in to this world with. By sharpening and sharing these gifts, I give the respect to this amazing present offered to me.

The fact is that we will all be dead soon and what ever happens at that point, we will be moving on. Every day is to be loved in the same way we love our children, our spouses and, yes ourselves.

George Carlin said “teach your children to question everything“. Many go blindly into an autopilot existence.  It is not the way to honor the gift. This way also leads to unhappiness which is then often followed by ways of distraction. Drugs, alcohol, antidepressants, Smoking, Excessive TV watching, gambling, etc….

When developing the self respect to go our own way, our truth, or even allowing ourselves to look for truth, we are rewarded and the world becomes a better place.

What if this hunger inside of you was not a curse? What if the voice inside of you was allowed to yell WAKE THE HELL UP?