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I used to dread the day. It was just enough to get through it.I would stay up late, not wanting tomorrow to come. It was all such a struggle. I must admit, I spent much of my life in this configuration.

I am happy to say life has changed for me. An inner peace that knows today is a gift for me. I wake happy excited, peaceful and grateful.It still has its share of ups and downs, as it should. Life has a rhythm and flow. Someone will be born today and someone will die. The tide comes in and goes out. We breathe it in and let it go.

When I first started riding motorcycles, I would fight the wind as it would try to blow me around on the road. When I learned to stop fighting and allow the wind the to blow me around a bit, as long as I stayed in my lane, it became far easier.

Why did I spend so many years fighting? I don’t think I knew I was fighting. Anyway it is of little concern as the past no longer exist right now and I choose to not spend time dwelling on the past.

If I did I just might miss the gifts unfolding in the now.