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It is time to think differently about business and the way we earn a living.

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before. There was a time when major shifts would happen from generation to generation, and then it became decade to decade.  Now it’s happening daily. The old ways just aren’t working anymore.

The days of showing up and working hard or going out and getting a great education so that you can get a good job are over. Today college does not guarantee you a good job; the only thing college guarantees you now is that you will end up in debt.

For the longest time General Motors was the largest employer in the United States of America. Today the largest employer is Walmart. Do you think anyone working at Walmart has a great shot at the American dream? The industrial revolution is over. Large corporations will outsource jobs as fast as they can and saving millions.  We now live in a world economy. Now more than ever we need to get in the driver’s seat of our own lives. We can no longer leave our future or our children’s futures in the hands of others.

That is why I feel it is important for people to become entrepreneurs and develop their purposes and their passions into businesses that are profitable and benefit the world.

We can take advantage of these changing times by adapting and leveraging the opportunities that are now available. Now we have fewer gatekeepers that control markets like publishing. Today we can self publish books on Amazon and music on iTunes. You can publish your ideas on blogs, social media, iTunes… and more.

Now we can find our own freedom and success. If we play our cards right, we don’t have to live in fear. What a wonderful thing it is to not have to be told what to do, or when to do it!  We can get up when we want to get up, go to bed when we want to go to bed and not be dictated to.

The fact is there are only two ways to get rich in this world. We can work for others and except the leftovers, or we can work for ourselves and develop something we have total control of. It is time to turn our purpose and our passion into profits.

We have paid a high price for way too long by not living our passionS and not pursuing our purposes. Is it any wonder why our culture is overweight, unhappy, and drug dependent?

There is a spiritual aspect to entrepreneurialism. We were created by a Creator with the inherent nature to create. All of us come into this world with our unique DNA, our unique fingerprints and our unique gifts to share with the world. It is those who get into that good place within themselves who live the most impactful and soulful lives. It is called spiritual entrepreneurialism.

Listen to this first podcast, and start developing your perfect business.