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Kodak, Borders, Sears, Howard Johnson’s, 

Radio Shack, Blockbuster,AOL, Best Buy,

Acer, Foot Locker, TiVo, BlackBerry, A&W


How did this HAPPEN?

Who is NEXTWhy you need to KNOW?  Could it be YOU?

Don’t fool yourself. No one is exempt!


Lack of Vision, Lack of ability to adapt, Lack of innovative marketing,Lack of uniqueness,

Trying to compete on price,To fat to move quick, No outstanding customer service. 


Not keeping up with changing times. Today you have to be amazing, average won’t cut it.

Help for Business

Jack Voorheis, author of the upcoming book, “Perfect Business Don’ts” helps create increased profits for business owners. Whether its an entrepreneur, a hundred year old company, a start up or only at the idea stage. He knows the power for a business is positioning into their sweet spot, while staying in their passion, concentrating on what they do well. Business by design. A business designed with razor sharp focused clarity.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Jack saves entrepreneurs years of heading in the wrong direction or down rabbit holes with little to no payoffs or profits. As well as helping them overcome the common business “don’ts” that every entrepreneur can become numb to as the tranquilizing effect of being busy gets injected into their business.

As a business owner, entrepreneur or CEO you can not be in the constant place of doing. It can not be a reactive experience. Always remember what you don’t do is as important as what you do DO! You must be the one who is bringing the vision. The most successful business owners are productive, they are not busy. They aren’t caught up in the day to day grind or constantly putting out fires. Many feel like they are on a sinking ship and have to constantly keep patching up the holes. The question is then who is keeping the ship from running up on the rocks? This exhausting activity causes loss of focus and direction.

Solutions That Get Results

Jack’s forte of having a pulse on business and marketing are in his blood. It’s his passion. Jack is known for saying it like it is and getting straight to the heart of the matter. He understands first hand what it takes to massage the blood flow of a business by  reducing the fat and removing blockages through the power of simplification to be a lean mean profit machine. He brings the love for business back to life.

Love for Business

His taste for business started at the early age of nine when he started selling candy at school. His entrepreneurial appetite was further nurtured by his grandfather who started his business in 1934 during the depression. Jacks hunger led him to start his first successful business by his early twenties, his only resources were his vision and ambition, but he contributes much of his accomplishments to the “Secret Sauce” his Grandfather fed him.

Unique Pays

Competitiveness does not come from cheaper pricing. It comes from specializing in unique ways to give value. The ones that can capitalize and exploit missing opportunities can leverage themselves into an ideal place of domination in their market, or better yet create a whole new one, while having more fun and enjoyment doing so, not just for themselves but for their employees. Leading businesses into their specialized unique ways to give value and capitalizing on market timing and riding cash curves, trend setting and creating positive customer experiences that creates brand loyalty.

 The Goods

Ranked #1 in Google as “the coolest guy in marketing”. He has marketed everything from plastic keychains to bionic legs. Jack understands the power of market timing and how to ride a cash curve. Having the foresight to get into the wireless industry before cellphones were commonplace. He went on to absolutely shatter sales records in the wireless industry

 Beyond Business IQ

His natural intuition and gut instincts, combined with his years of experience has given him the ability to know where opportunity is and even more importantly, where it is not.


The Cool Factor

Jack teaches people to stay in their passion, concentrating on what they do well. Getting into their sweet spot. Outsource the rest! Jack is not afraid to say it. Outsourcing may seem like a dirty word today, but Jack knows every business should be leveraging with this tool. “I don’t care if you are a major corporation or a one man show to be competitive today requires outsourcing” says Jack.

Nothing is cooler than employees who love to come to work. Look at the corporations that are doing it. Google. Pixar. When those employees don’t go to work they feel like they are missing out on something. The icing on the cake is that customers will dig it too and you will create customer loyalty. Harley Davidson, Apple and Disney are brands people love.

Get Results - Get Jack!

Status quo has got to go, yesterdays are slow and lagging. Today is fast paced and full of momentum, what used to take hours can be done in seconds. Keep up or be left behind. It’s time to use innovation and creativity to advantage yourself.  Jack is masterful at offering unique approaches that leverage your business to become better positioned and make more money. Whether it’s a traditional business, startup company, analyzing cost of a company acquisition, stock, inventory, internet, consumable products, marketing online/offline or corporate restructuring, He can help increase its value with more profits and better leveraged results, no matter whether the business is in the conceptual phase, just breaking into the marketplace or been around for two hundred years. If you are ready to skip to the head of the line, propel your business into a place where it finds its’ profitable power, access Jack’s expertise today. Life is a now business. Get the Jack factor.