Master With Jack

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My mission is to take those valuable jewels you have inside of you and help you share them with the world in the way that best suits your unique life’s purpose. Never before has it been easier to shape a business around your passion and purpose and live the life meant for you.


I will mentor you with the development of your Perfect Business Formula. Your hopes and dreams are not a curse. They are your guide to living a noncompromised life. Don’t squander or wander the value you have or waste another minute of the limited time you are here. 


Life is a now business, so let’s get started.

~ Jack Voorheis

Direct VIP Access

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Apply for direct access to work with Jack by paying only a $100 fully refundable deposit now and setting up a phone appointment with Jack to go over your expectations and see if it is a good fit and a mutually beneficial experience to work together.

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Membership Access

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Get instant access to the Perfect Business Formula Membership area and all the audio/video tutorials and downloads for 1 full year. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience you may receive a full 30 day money back guarantee.

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